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With the many work at home opportunities online, you need to be cautious when applying for any program or position that sounds ‘too good to be true’. While it’s easy to get caught up with the idea (or fantasy) that you can make tons of cash overnight, while you sleep, it’s not exactly a logical way of approaching your work at home job search and if you fail to use common sense, you’ll find yourself paying out hand over fist for bogus opportunities that lead nowhere.

Here are a few to keep away from:

Envelope Stuffing
This scam has evolved since the beginning of the Internet, and is still in circulation under many different names and titles. The idea is that you will be paid for each envelope you stuff with a flyer and mail off to a list of buyers or customers that has been offered to you by the processing company.

In reality, envelope stuffing works in a very different way, primarily by requiring that you recruit and sell the same information to your customers that you purchased from the company. You are only paid whenever one of these customers signs up for the same ‘envelope stuffing job offer’, essentially causing these programs to eventually collapse as they are created on the basic foundation of a pyramid scheme.

Ad Typing
With this job opportunity you are offered the ability to earn money for typing simple ads on classified websites. While these so called companies often dress up this scheme to reflect the high paying, lucrative and ‘easy’ side of things, in reality, you are once again recruiting customers and potential prospects that in turn, will join the company as an ad typist as well. You are not paid for each ad you type but rather for each paid referral you generate.

Rebate Processing
The idea behind this is that you are told that in order to earn money, all you need to do is perform data entry or to send out rebates to existing customers. Once a work at home job seeker signs up, and pays the $70-$100 “set up fee”, they are given nothing more than an affiliate marketing guide and told to sell products from marketplaces like ClickBank.com, offering customers a rebate for each purchase they make through your affiliate link.

The problem with this is that sites like ClickBank clearly do not permit rebates to be offered, putting your account and any outstanding balance you may have earned, at risk of being withheld.

There are dozens of other schemes set up to lure you in with the promise of stable work and steady pay. The job descriptions often indicate that no previous experience is required and no selling is involved. It’s important to keep in mind that any legitimate work at home / telecommuting employer will not ask you to pay for a job, nor will they require that you solicit business or recruit new customers into the same cycle.

To avoid these scams, focus your search on reputable job directories and database services such as:


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