Setting Up Your Home Office

In order to reach peak productivity, you need to have the best home office setup you can manage. Your office should be clean, well-organized, comfortable, and conducive to work. This means having good lighting and being as free from distractions as possible.



Your lighting should be bright, yet comfortable. You need to be able to see well or you could get eyestrain. Working on a computer in dim light can definitely cause this condition, as can trying to read in dim light. Of course, light that is too bright can cause glare and distractions. Find a lighting level that works for you.

Your Chair

Your chair should provide firm back support, plenty of cushioning, and roll.  You may want to place your chair on an anti-static floor mat to avoid damaging computer equipment.  Your chair is VERY important, so you must get one that is comfortable and provides your back plenty of support.  Find a good ergonomic desk chair if you can.

Your Desk

Your desk should provide plenty of space for organizing your supplies.  It should have a large keyboard drawer unless you’re exclusively using a laptop.  Even if you are using a laptop, I recommend getting a good ergonomic keyboard for use at home to help reduce carpal tunnel problems.

A good desk should provide you with plenty of space on the surface.  Some people only need a small desk, while others may need a larger L or U-shaped desk.  These provide extra surface space for people who use multiple monitors or other desktop items like a graphics tablet.


You should be sure to keep distractions to a minimum.  The average person takes about 15 minutes to get back to full productivity after being interruped, so it’s very vital to minimize distractions!  Keep things like televisions and games out of your office, and only keep a telephone in the office if you use it for business purposes.

Other needed supplies, depending on your situation:

  • Keyboard vacuum/blower.
  • Monitor wipes.
  • Ergonomic mousepad.
  • Quality desk lamp.
  • Anti-glare monitor screen.
  • White noise generator if noise is a problem.
  • Small refrigerator with snacks and drinks is a good idea to save time.

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