How to Work Outdoors

I’m not talking about getting a job landscaping or mowing lawns, I’m talking about taking your work outside and enjoying the sunshine!  If you work at home, this can be a reality for you!

Did you know that a lot of people find that working outdoors makes them more productive?  A lot of people feel depressed or stressed out when they are indoors for too long, but they feel like they can’t go outside because they have too much work to do.  But you can take your work outdoors!

If you work on the computer, you’ll probably need a laptop to do this.  Sure, it’s possible that you could lug a desktop computer outside, but it’s just not practical.  A good laptop will let you take your work out on the porch, deck, or by the pool.

These days you can get a great laptop at a very reasonable prices.  I suggest buying a laptop from Best Buy if possible, because they have an extended warranty you can buy that will repair or replace your laptop if anything happens to it – even if it’s your fault! 

Wal-mart is also a great place to buy a laptop.  Although they don’t have the kind of support Best Buy or another electronics retailer might, they have some laptops for as little as $400!

When looking to buy your laptop, you should think about what you need to do with it.  If you only need to do work processing, internet work, and use lighter applications like accounting software, you should look for an ultra-portable laptop.  They’re small, light, and are very easy to move around.  

If you’ll be doing a lot of graphics work or gaming, you’ll need a larger, heavier laptop.  These aren’t going to be as easy to move around, so keep that in mind.

Don’t forget to get some ergonomic equipment.  Just because you’re not working in your office doesn’t mean you can skip things like a good quality chair and an ergonomic mousepad!  You must protect yourself no matter where you work.

So if you’ve been experiencing a lot of depression when working indoors, or you feel a lot of brain fog or slow thinking, you might want to try getting outdoors.  Maybe you’re experiencing cabin fever, or you could just need some good old-fashioned vitamin D!

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