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For many, starting out as a freelancer online is the easiest way to get their foot in the door to Internet based opportunities as well as to establish an online presence and a reputation as someone with work ethics and integrity. Perhaps this is why so many stay at home moms and dads have turned to freelance writing as a way of supplementing their existing income.

As a freelance writer, you are able to design your own work schedule setting both your available hours as well as your own salary. While you may initially have to bid for projects and lower your intended rates to assist in building a client list and getting the word out about your services, after you are established you will be able to work exclusively from your own customer base, offering custom services and catering to return clients, should you put in the effort to develop a brand for high quality, reliability and excellence.

In the freelance writing marketplace, competition is fierce and with so many people willing to provide services at a severely reduced price compared to traditional industry standards, writers who wish to be successful must rely on their ability to provide quality over quantity, showcasing their skills and emphasizing exactly why their rates are higher than newer writers.

To begin as a freelance writer you will want to set up your own website, keeping it simple and on focus. Design a page that will showcase samples of your work ability and be sure to include the topics and subject matter that you are comfortable writing about as well as the various types of projects that you are willing to accept such as ebooks, reports, articles or advertising media.

Next, take the time to create accounts on the popular freelance marketplaces, paying close attention to include relevant details about yourself including your experience, your strengths and knowledge regarding specific subjects or markets.

When bidding on projects be reasonable but consistent. Try to determine, early on, what your price structure will be and do your best not to move too far from your objective and initial plan. If you feel that you are constantly losing projects to lower bids, consider adding additional information to your profile that features samples of your work, and tweak your portfolio site to better showcase and reflect your talents.

In the end, quality will always be the leading factor as to whether you are able to generate a loyal client base or not.

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