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You know there really are some great Clickbank products out there. But from to many times, I run across a Clickbank seller that’s really just trying to take your money and run. It’s a good thing that Clickbank offers a great money back guarantee, because if you purchase this product, I bet you’ll be using that guarantee to get your money back. This product is not new but it’s still selling well, so that tells me there’s still a need for some education about this product.

I’m talking about Get Google Ad Words Free. The seller of this ebook system claims that by using their secret system, you can make millions of dollars by getting free Google Pay-Per-Click ads. Their pitch page is loaded with success stories, reviews from people with their pictures and stories; note the lack of web site addresses. etc. Their pitch page is the absolute best example of an over-hyped product you can find but I purchased the product anyways just to see if I could learn anything at all from their system.

What do you get? An ebook. That’s all they offer you for this system, which is usually fine. Ok, so maybe the information may have something useful in it. Well, it’s suppose to be secret tactics on how to get millions of dollars in Google Adsense advertising for nothing, free! No way! Here’s what the system your buying does. It’s nothing new, it’s basically Adwords Arbitrage. You grab traffic from the adwords system by bidding on keywords. Then on your site, you either sell the ad space for more money or place adsense ads with higher paying ads.

1. You purchase multiple popular keywords, as many as you can afford;
2. Now you bid higher than anyone else on all of them, grabbing the number one position.
3. On your web site, you place advertising, affiliate programs, links, etc. to make more money.

That’s the way it works! So it’s not free. You’re going to pay lot’s of money for those key words and go through lot’s of trial and error to find any keyword and product match that will make a profit. Most likely you will drain your pocket book before finding anything that will make you money.

My conclusion, this technique is not new and most definitely not free. The system can make money if you have time, a good tracking system, patience, luck and lot’s of money to buy Google ads. You may also like to look at the fine print at the bottom of their page, it actually says that you will get no Google ads for free.

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