Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, especially if you are unable (or uninterested) in creating your own product. With affiliate marketing, you are able to generate revenue via commissions that take place from all of your promotional efforts that result in sales, or in the case of CPA (cost per action), you would be given credit for leads or specific actions carried out my prospects that you have directly recruited.

In order to begin your journey into affiliate marketing however, you need a clear cut plan of action. The first step is to locate your niche market, which is the target audience you will be focusing on. While it’s easy to simply go with the larger, more popular markets, with those come heavy competition making it difficult to get your foot in the door unless you are a seasoned marketer with the ability to dig into the markets core. Otherwise, if you are a new marketer, it’s suggested that you chisel down your niche so that you are focused on smaller, yet still highly profitable markets.

I also recommend that you try your best to choose a market that you are personally interested in, as it will help you create content, get through the learning curve and stay motivated during sluggish times (and there will be some). To begin your ‘niche research’, simply take out a sheet of paper and jot down categories or ideas of topics that you would be interested in evaluating. It’s wise to focus on products or services that you, yourself, would be interested in purchasing as it’s likely an existing market.

Once you have a decent size list of potential markets, load up the ClickBank marketplace, at and browse through the available products to determine what is currently available to promote. You will want to refine your niche once you have chiseled it down a bit, so that you are focusing on profitable markets with minimal competition.

It will get a bit tricky as most of the broader, common markets such as weight loss, dating, poker, travel, online business and Internet Marketing are very competitive markets, but also bring with it, high profit margins, so try to find something in between to cut your teeth on, when just starting out.

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