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Monetizing or converting your blog entries into cash is really quite simple, and has become one of the most popular ways for those wishing to work at home to get their foot in the door and garner some experience that will help them expand their network and venture out into new territory as they progress.

For new bloggers, and even professional or veteran bloggers, WordPress is one of most preferred publishing platform simply because it has a user-friendly interface and flexible scripting.

But how does it work?

First of all, you must have a legitimate blog site. You can get the WordPress software at: or for self hosted blogs, an alternative download is available at

With WordPress (either hosted remotely or self hosted) you are able to easily customize the theme, expand the options available to your readers such as enabling comments, integrating polls and beefing up the interaction with videos and other media.  The most important element to a successful blog however, is in the content provided.

You want to focus on relevant content that is both entertaining, interesting and well written.  While you can spin your own style and personality into your content and give it a bit of flavor, you will want to do your best to keep your blog fresh with current updates, and news or articles that relate to your audience and what they would be interested in following.

In order to be given the option to make money by promoting advertisers and sponsors, you’ll need to put in the time and effort into growing your blog, both in terms of available content and in RSS subscribers and overall traffic.  Advertisers won’t be interested in paying you to showcase their ads if they feel that it is not established enough or unable to provide the exposure they are looking for.

In order to boost the activity on your blog and spread the word that you have a brand new, smokin’ hot blog available, there are a handful of quick tactics used successfully by both new bloggers and seasoned marketers alike:

1) SEO is King
While content is definitely a joint ruler in the kingdom of blogging, SEO will help people find you and be able to explore all that you’re offering.   SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) is very easy to do, in fact with blog software like WordPress, you can easily download plugins that will optimize every page on your blog so that it’s well structured and complete crawl-candy to those mighty search engine spiders.

Download All In One SEO Plugin:

2) Get Involved
There is a world created just for bloggers that you will want to dive into (full speed ahead).  These communities and social groups provide bloggers with the ability to drive fresh traffic to their sites, instantly, and with very little effort.

Here are a few that I strongly recommend:

3) Ping, Baby, Ping

Pinging your blog simply means that each time you update it, you are able to send an alert out to blog directories telling them that your blog has fresh content.

Just by notifying these ping services that your blog has been modified and updated with fresh content can result in increased traffic, instantly

Here is a lengthy list of ping services you might want to include in your WordPress’ ping list (under Settings/Writing)

4) Permalinks

In WordPress, you are able to change the structure in which your links and pages appear.  By changing your permalink structure, you can create search engine friendly web pages that include keywords and titles relevant to the content featured on each page.

Here’s how to do it:

Click on the “Custom” option and paste the following into the text box (double check for accuracy to ensure it matches with no extra spaces!)


To include the category, you change it to:

5) Add Technorati

To create your Technorati account, visit: and click on the Join link.  Register for an account and claim your blog so that it is added to Technoratis directory.

6) Blog Directories

An excellent way to increase your RSS readership is by submitting your blog into blog networks.

Other Useful Plugins:

No Ping Wait Plugin

Google XML SiteMap

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