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By far, one of the more popular affiliate communities online. ClickBank offers free affiliate accounts and generating your affiliate link is as simple as clicking a button.  Be sure to browse their marketplace daily for current products, updates and hot sellers.

Note: Is it only free to join as an affiliate. If you wish to join as a merchant you will require approval and remittance of a $50 one-time payment.

Commission Junction
Otherwise known as “”, Commission Junction has been around for many years and is known to pay on time and provide unbeatable support.  They also feature hundreds of merchants across the board and regardless of the niche market or subject you are interested in promoting, they are bound to have a few lucrative choices from within their directory.

Commission Junction works a bit differently than Clickbank does in terms of allowing their merchants to manually approve or select affiliates.

With ClickBank, you can choose what products to promote and instantly generate your affiliate link without the requirement of the merchant needing to review your website or approve your registration.

Commission Junction enables their merchants to selectively choose who is allowed to participate in each affiliate program, so if you are new to affiliate marketing, you may end up a bit frustrated when you are turned down due to your website not receiving enough traffic or being focused on specific topics.

Pay Dot Com
PayDotCom was created by Mike Filsaime and is similar to ClickBank in terms of product marketplace and niche coverage.  One pro to using Pay Dot Com in comparison to ClickBank is that rather than wait every two weeks for a paycheck to be released via postal mail, as offers, with you can receive daily affiliate commission payments directly into your Paypal account.  At this time  only those who are able to create a Paypal account are able to participate as either a merchant or affiliate within this affiliate marketplace.

Share A Sale started quite a few years ago, and back then there were few merchants using their services which made it a difficult job for an affiliate to choose high quality products, since there were so few available.

These days, has grown into an extensive affiliate marketplace, and since all merchants are required to retain a cash balance of funds used to pay affiliates, it’s a risk-free way to ensure that you are paid for all of your efforts.

ShareASale, like ClickBank and PayDotCom handle all payments on behalf of the merchants and while ShareASale enables merchants to manually approve affiliates like does, from my own personal experience approval has been very quick and in most cases not required at all.

Link Share

Link Share is an ever-growing affiliate marketplace and with it comes a great variety of lucrative and high paying affiliate opportunities.

You can create your Link Share account at

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